I first learned astrology to help care for myself, my family and my overlapping communities. Astrology serves as a language of connection that helps us build bridges into and out of community conflicts and personal defenses in a way that nothing else has.

I expanded this care practice to the wider world when I started offering readings to the public in 2016. I continue to learn from each client session, from each year’s changing sky, and through ongoing study.

I specialize in natal astrology. That means I interpret the arrangement of the solar system at the time of your birth to give you some information about your life. During a session with me, we’ll narrow in on specific topics, areas of skill, likely challenges and helpful supports.

I love being present with individuals, with pairs and with groups, getting us all in closer touch with the living cycles of time.

Once I gain a sense of how your unique lived experience maps onto your birth chart, we can follow that map through the past, present and future.

Please ask as much or as little about the technical side of things as you want. I’ve dabbled in many kinds of astrology and am happy to explain any technique I apply to your chart during a session. I can share information about other branches of astrological practice and can refer you to astrologers with expertise in electional, locational, horary, medical, planetary magic and mundane astrology.

I continue to face the problematic histories of astrological practice head on. I am committed to enhancing liberation through this work.

I was educated in the arts, where I developed a driving interest in creative process. I love helping clients recognize their unique creative rhythms and styles and talk through the work habits and flow that are described by the birth chart.

I have studied child development and educational theory, both as a parent and as an academic. I have a working knowledge of many different therapies and can talk through common and uncommon supports and resources for parents.

I am a Family Advocate, supporting caregivers and children through the crisis of sexual assault. I have trained other professionals to increase trauma-awareness in their work, and am active in our community circles addressing harm.

I relate respectfully and enthusiastically to a wide range of relationship choices and gender discoveries.

I have so much appreciation for each of you who I’ve had the chance to sit with.

Let’s meet again!